- Our Quiz Night Packages start at £150 for a local event and include:

· Professional Presenter/Quiz Master
· PA System & Background Music for the duration of the event
· Quiz Sheets and Master Score Sheets
· Up to 10 rounds with 10 questions per round
· A full pre-event pack including Flyers and A4 Poster which can be photocopied as required
. Pens are available on the night at a cost of .20p each.
. We can also supply you with personalised pens which can then be sold
to increase revenue.
· Additional support is also provided to all of our customers.

  The Secret To A Successful Quiz Night

The secret to a successful quiz night is the quiz... make it too easy and nobody will feel challenged, make it too hard and nobody will enjoy it.

Our Presenter/Quiz Master will run the quiz for you, marking the answer sheets, announcing the scores, handing out the prizes etc. if required we can even announce the results of the other fundraising activities - raffle etc.

Our quiz nights are both challenging and fun, all you need to do is decide on what type of quiz night you want.

You can have them as Individual or Team events, the choice is yours...

Our quizzes are generally split into rounds, each round consisting of 10 questions. We usually have some rounds that are generally easy, but with the the odd hard question thrown in, as well a couple of reasonably difficult rounds with the odd easy question.

We also throw in something a bit different, like a picture or music round.

We can even theme the quiz to make it fit in with your function or event.


Types of Quiz Nights

Fun Quiz Nights - These are designed for fundraising events or as an add-on to other entertainment, the questions are balanced so most teams score around 50% to 70% with the really good teams scoring 70%+. The majority of non regular quiz players are usually happy if they get 50% of the questions right.

Themed Quizzes - you can have your quiz night questions themed to suit almost any occasion or event, Sporting events such as the Olympics or World Cup, even special days like St. George's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Christmas, Easter or Halloween. We can even include questions about your charity or organisation.

Quiz League - Strictly for the pro's, questions are generally quite hard and often test ones knowledge to the extreme.

Pub Quizzes - Pub quiz questions are not as difficult as the questions found in the Quiz Leagues, as host you should have a fair idea of the type of people who will be attending and what their level of quiz skills are. Normally a pub quiz will be attended by regulars and the odd quiz teams who do the local quiz circuit.


So How Much Money Can We Make?

This is a question we are often asked and there are a lot of things to be taken into consideration, the biggest one is, how much time are YOU prepared to invest to make your Quiz Night a success.
The most important thing with any fundraising event is to get the maximum number of people to attend

The more people that turn up on the night, the more money you can make...

Our exclusive guide "Getting the Most out of your Quiz Night" will give you some idea of the income that can be generated from a well run event..

Remamber that a well run fundraiser can help your organisation raise both money and awareness
Our aim is to help you achieve both