- Our Race Night packages start at £150 for a local event and include:

· Numerated Tote System - Personalised Race Cards - Professional Presenter
· Up to nine races all on individual security sealed discs
· Big Screen Projection System
· PA System & Background Music for the duration of the event
· A full pre-event pack including Flyers and A4 Poster which can be photocopied as required
. Our exclusive guide "Getting the Most out of your Race Night"
· Additional support is also provided to all of our customers


Really Good Races: All our races have close finishes with the winner being in doubt "right down to the wire". All have been run at top racecourses throughout the UK and around the world with many of racing's top jockeys and considerable prize money at stake. Make no mistakes, all runners, Horses and Dogs, are racing for real, no contrived finishes, no holding them back. Your audience really will have something to shout about, as they watch their selections battle it out, on the flat…over fences or hurdles…or round the Dog track.

Great Commentary: Each Race has a short preview of each runners form. This section will help to "heighten the tension" as the audience settles down ready for the off.

Follow the Leaders: Some of our races have a "Follow the Leader" sequence, where the order of the first four horses is flashed on the screen during the race. This means your audience will be able to keep a check on the progress of the race, should the cheers drown out the soundtrack.

Fun to Run: Our flexible race times format allows you to include other activities, such as a Meal, Game Show, Entertainment, Bingo, Prize Draw, Raffle or other race related items such as an Auction Race.

Introductory Film: At the beginning of Race Time we will show the "Introductory Film"
This short introduction film will set the scene for your audience, explain the rules and generally focus the audience's attention on what is about to happen. It will also allow the Presenter to introduce himself to the audience.

Once underway the audience may purchase as many Tote (Betting) Tickets of their choice from the Tote table. There are 8 runners in each race and the number of each is clearly marked on the saddlecloth.

Depending on the size of the audience no more than about 15 - 20 minutes should be allowed from the end of one race to the beginning of the next one. Each race lasts about 3-4 minutes, so that 6 races should take about 1 - 1 ½ hours and 8 races 2 hours.

Ready for The Off: When the Tote is closed, things should move pretty quickly. A member of the audience selects a race from the box of sealed cases, the Ticket-sellers count how many tickets have been sold; the Payout official will calculate the payout on each runner.

Run The Race: The race is loaded onto the projector. Remember, nobody will know what race will be shown until it is up on the screen.

At the Post: Once the race is run and everyone knows the winning number, the Presenter will announce the Payout on each winning ticket. Those with winning tickets should go to the Payout desk and collect their winnings.

The Tote is then open for the next race



So How Much Money Can We Make?

This is a question we are often asked and there are a lot of things to be taken into consideration, the biggest one is, how much time are YOU prepared to invest to make your Race Night a success.
The most important thing with any fundraising event is to get the maximum number of people to attend

The more people that turn up on the night, the more money you can make...

Our exclusive guide "Getting the Most out of your Race Night" will give you some idea of the income that can be generated from a well run event..

Remamber that a well run fundraiser can help your organisation raise both money and awareness
Our aim is to help you achieve both